A day in Düsseldorf with the International Brotherhood “The Golden Fleece”

A delegation from the Head Chancellery went to the annual shooters party. They had a very nice weekend in Düsseldorf, where the Schützen festival was the central item. They were officially received at the town hall where the mayor was present. During the parade they were placed next to the dignitaries, and were specifically mentioned by the speaker. There was a lot of applause here.

The Grand Master has been able to award four Ambassador medals: to the Mayor, to the widow of the Honorary Mayor, to the Chairman of the St. Sebastianus Schützenverein that was celebrating its 700th birthday, and to the head of the city museum. This gesture was greatly appreciated and we should definitely repeat this in future journeys.

In attachment is a photo of Knight Günther Pannenbecker of the German Chancellery, head of all Shooters Associations, who presided the procession.

What we mainly remember is the rapprochement between the North German and the South German Knights and the very cordial friendship ties forged with the Belgian Knights.

Schützenfest Düsseldorf 20160717 Video 01 + 02 YT